CPAR Committies


2018 Committees Members

  • Bereavement / Courtesy
    • Purpose: To directly express the Association support in times of illness, difficulty, and to offer sympathy at the time of death of the immediate family members of the Association.
  • Budget and Finance
    • Purpose: Prepare CPAR’s annual budget; review financial statements, and receives and reviews annual audit. The Budget and Finance Committee shall review all quarterly and annual audit and make recommendations) regarding the reports and annual audit prior to sending them to the Board of Directors. This Committee also makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding reserve fund allocations.
  • Building
    • Purpose: To develop a plan and help maintain any assets, namely the building, owned by CPAR. This includes updates, improvements, and planning. Must work with the budget committee. CPAR is one of the few boards that own their building.
    • Building dedication 1997
  • Bylaws
    • Purpose: To ensure that the CPAR’s governing documents are in compliance with RANM and the National Association of REALTORS, the laws of the State of New Mexico, and federal laws. Changes to the Bylaws are approved by the Board of Directors and the majority of the membership if they need to be updated, changed, or any additions or corrections need to be made.
  • CASA Golf Scramble
    • Purpose: To plan and organize an event, typically a golf scramble, to raise monies for the Casa Esperanza house in Albuquerque.
    • Event Information
  • Core Standards
    • Purpose: To coordinate and implement the requirements set forth by NAR to maintain that our board remains in good standing.
  • Education
    • Purpose: Schedule quality educational classes for local Board members. All instructors are approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission.
  • Historian
    • Purpose: To keep historical accounts of the housing development of our local area as well as historical history of CPAR.
    • Year end slideshow – Committee adds slides to the ever growing presentation to be played in the background during the Annual Awards Banquet. 
    • New in 2017: Making History – A video documented interview of member experiences. To be played to the membership during the Annual Banquet and posted to the CPAR Facebook and YouTube channel.
    • #CPAR2018 # Hashtags are targeted words for search engines. 
      Use this hashtag in all your social media posts!
  • Home Pride
    • Purpose: To establish public awareness of REALTORS in our community. As Realtors, we promote “Home Pride” in Communities by recognizing outstanding achievements in “curb appeal” and maintenance of existing homes by businesses and private homeowners. Serving the communities and establishing activities that identify us with pride.
  • Lockbox/Sentrilock
    • Purpose: To develop a system and procedures for the local association to operate their lockbox system to all active members of the board. This includes following and implementing any rules and regulations from the lockbox company as well as anything voted and approved by the board.
    • Sentrilock – Lockbox tips
    • Sentrilock – Help desk
  • Membership
  • MLS Monitoring / Compliance Committee
    • Purpose: To become familiar with all rules and regulations, educate, and promote good practices in data entry. To determine violations and possibly report violations to the NM MLS committee for resolution.
    • Rules to list by: MLS RULES and REGULATIONS 5-1-2018.pdf
    • Contact the MLS Committee: Report Issues here
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Purpose: To evaluate and update the CPAR Operating Policy and Procedures.
  • PR – Public Relations
    • Purpose: To help build community relations with the local communities. To educate the community about the involvement of REALTORS and their activities as community activists and to raise education levels amongst the public.
    • Open House Weekend
    • Instillation Banquet
  • RPAC – REALTOR® Party Action Center
    • Purpose: To educate our REALTOR ® membership on what RPAC is, what RPAC does, how RPAC works, how money is spent, the process of supporting the candidates, how RPAC monies are distributed – NAR, State. In order to accomplish this, we have a program. We will order pamphlets, CD’s and use whatever other means of communication available.
    • 2018 RPAC Resource Guide
  • Strategic Planning
    • Purpose: To develop a long range plan for CPAR. Comprised of the Board of Directors and their appointees.
  • Technology
    • Purpose: To guide the board in technology to keep efficiencies up, productivity at high levels, and to set policies and procedures regarding technology practices to prevent the board and its  members.
  • **Special Committees**
    • Credentials and Nominating:
      • Purpose: To review applications and qualifications of applicants. In the event no applications are filed the credentials committee will automatically become the nominating committee.
    • Realtor or the Year
      • Purpose: To select an outstanding REALTOR® Member
    • Citizen of the Year
      • Purpose: To select an outstanding member of the Community
    • Tillie Shaw American Spirit Award
      • Purpose: To select an outstanding Member or Affiliate member who is supportive of the real estate industry.
    • Lifetime Achievement Award
      • Purpose: To select a professional who career has shaped the industry.
    • Business Part Award
      • Purpose: To select an outstanding company who serves their clients and the community alongside like minded professionals, as CPAR Affiliates.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q: What committee should I join?

A: There is something for everyone. Volunteers are needed on every committee and your participation and involvement is appreciated.

Q: How do I join a committee?

A: Contact the CPAR office or the CPAR President. They will add your name to the committee list and get you in touch with the Committee Chair or co-Chair to get you involved.

Q: Do I have to join a committee?

A: No.

However, in order to comply with our associations yearly core standards and compliance requirements that keep CPAR going, there are tasks that need to be completed. These committees and there volunteers make that possible. Without help from our members to keep out compliance requirements in check, we could loose the privilege of having our local REALTORS® association.

Q: What would happen if the Clovis/Portales Association of REALTORS® no longer existed?

A: This happened in Hobbs, NM in 2018. Once the board was dissolved, the members became “Members at large” until another association partitioned RANM for the right to absorb them. At which point the outstanding members, their offices and qualifying brokers had to join the new association, pay all dues and no longer had the convenience of local affiliation or representation.

Q: How do I become a Committee Chair?

A: These positions are appointed by the CPAR President. Talk to the current CPAR president or the CPAR President Elect in regards to the upcoming year. You can also make your intentions known to the CPAR Board of Directors.

Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice.  Updated: 5-5-2018