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CPAR BOD – Board of Directors

Q: Can I attend a BOD meeting? Q: How do I become a Director? Q: How do I become the CPAR President?
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CPAR Committee Members

Q: What committee should I join? Q: How do I join a committee? Q: Do I have to join a committee? Q: How do I become a Committee Chair?
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Q: What would happen if the Clovis/Portales Association of REALTORS® no longer existed?
A: This happened in Hobbs, NM in 2018. Once the board was dissolved, the members became “Members at large” until another association partitioned the state [RANM] to absorb them. At which point the outstanding members, their offices and qualifying brokers had to join the new association, pay all dues and no longer had the convenience of local representation.

CPAR Membership

Q: When Should I join the Clovis / Portales Association or REALTORS®?
A: When you begin the process to become a Real Estate Licensee, you should also begin your search for a Real Estate Company to work under. Every Licensee must be registered with the State under Qualifying Broker and office. The office you choose will guide you through the process.

Q: Do I have to join an association and become a REALTOR®?
A: If you are licensed and working under a Qualifying Broker that is a REALTOR®, then yes. Also, If one person in an office is a member, then the office and all licensees in the office are required to be members of the same association. Therefore, if there is no affiliation as a REALTOR® then there is no requirement.

Q: I have a license in another state as well as NM do I have to pay all the fees?
A: If you are a REALTOR® in more than one state the NAR fees will not have to be paid twice but the State and Local dues are still required.

Lockbox Questions

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