Lockbox Tips


Did you know…

  • You shouldn’t lay the lock box on it’s back. It will run the battery down
  • Don’t press lockbox between the door and storm door that will press the buttons
  • Once the lockbox is assigned to you you will need to claim it within 10 days or it reverts back to CPAR, Un assigned lock boxes should be returned to CPAR within 10 days
  • If the box is not lighting up try to go through the steps at least once.
  • Always hit “DONE” or open the RPR property information link on the mobile app
  • Never allow anyone else have access to your login information or card.
  • Each member that uses the lockboxes owes a fee and can use their own app.
  • Teams are not exempt, each team member owes dues and should have their own log-in. Assistants should never have full access. (see 61-29-1 Prohibition in the NMREC Rules acting in the capacity of a real estate licensee)
    • There is a special login for assistants to access their responsible parties listings, with a very limited scope. (Acting like a real estate professional is a 4th degree felony.)
  • Never hang lockboxes on a water spicket. Use links of chain if necessary, purchase a door bracket or attach it to your sign. (Note.. describe where the lockbox is located in the MLS showing instructions)pastedImage0 (4)
  • Lockboxes are assigned to BROKERS not the BROKERAGE. If a lockbox is lost the BROKER it is assigned to will be charged a $100 fine!
  • Teams can be set up in sentrilock to access each other’s lockboxes. This feature can also be useful for small offices that have a need to allow the paired brokers to access and remove the shackles , assign the properties to a listing or access logs to call for feedback.
  • Update your card everyday and before and after a lock box is assigned to you to update your account and claim the lockbox
  • Un-assigned lockboxes will at times revert to the last broker who had it assigned to them. This could cause the last broker it was assigned to be fined or charged for a lockbox they no longer have.

laim your lockbox and assign it to the property address even if the listing is not in MLS you can uses the numbers in the address to link once the listing has been completed. Unclaimed lockboxes revert back to the last person they were assigned to if they are not claimed within the 10 day period.

Lock Box Maintenance


  1. If your lockbox batteries are low, the app should send you a message that they need to be changed.
  2. If the box is not responding you can check out the “jump box”. It is a battery powered charger that will allow you to boost the box.  (shown above)
  3. Ask CPAR about Batteries
  4. Do not damage the lockbox. You could be held responsible.

There are instructions or SentriLock support will walk you through the process.


 When you show

  • Leave a Business Card on the counter as a courtesy.
  • Make sure the doors are locked that were locked when you arrived (call if there is a question), and make sure any lights that were off when you arrived are off when you leave.
  • Provide the listing broker with feedback, if they ask.

    Having issues visit…

  • https://edu.sentrilock.com

    Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice.  Updated: 5-5-2018