MLS Compliance

pastedImage0 (7)The New Mexico MLS (a subsidiary of RANM)

Rules to list by:

  • MLS Compliance violations are now $200 per offence.
  • 48 Hours to complete listing
  • Required fields are indicated by *
  • You will not be able to save or update a listing without completing all required fields
  • A printable MLS listing sheet can be found in Paragon under MLS Documents
  • Partial listings will be purged after 30 days.
  • Anyone with access to the MLS can report a violation by clicking the RED correction button in dashboard menu bar, as a courtesy the MLS compliance monitors would prefer a heads up to the committee and/or the broker in violation to keep the fines at a minimum. Brokers will be contacted regarding reported issues and given a limited amount of time to remedy the problem before the fine is charged.
  • Before you list a Pre-1978 property FOR SALE or FOR RENT; before any other forms are signed.attach the LBP in associated docs. Lead Based Paint Disclosure
    • This is a FEDERAL law regulated by the EPA! The Environmental Protection Agency calls it TITLE X | Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992–Title X Look it up! It’s an interesting read.
    • All LBP Documents must be signed: Foreclosures, short sales or repossessions are not exempt. — NO BLANK FORMS IN THE ASSOCIATED DOCS —Documents must be signed by the Owner of record or the Responsible Party prior to listing in the MLS
    • As per 1.17 of the MLS bylaws. If the seller will not sign prior to listing or expressly directs the broker not to upload this document, there must be a note in the agent remarks and a reason submitted to 
  • The listing requires 1 Front view property photo No blank or “Coming Soon” photos
    • The MLS director is the only one that can approve an the use of a NM MLS coming soon photo blank provided by the NM MLS, to be used under special circumstance.
    • You have 48 hours to insert a photo, and yes you can be fined if the date in the history notes shows you didn’t upload a photo within the allowed permitted.
    • No extra information in your photos; Signs or Promotional Items. You cannot watermark or promote in the MLS. Photos should be generic in regards to IDX links. This includes videos, social media posts, flyers, etc.
  • Open Houses: You will need the permission of the listing broker and the homeowner. Also, the listing broker is not obligated to allow other brokers to host an open house at their listing.
  • Generic MLS means you can utilize the Data Exchang.e You can advertise any property in the MLS with your name, branding and contact information to outlined sources, as long as you add this tagline:
    • Clovis Area Map 2018Listing complements of (add in the name of the listing office here)
  • Select the right section on the AREA MAP. Your office may have a large section map for this purpose, by here is a quick reference map.
  • Is the property is in a flood zone? Check with the homeowners regarding their 
    • Current flood zone policy. Upload the elevation pastedimage02.pngcertification or upload a flood zone map.
    • Flood maps can be found on the FEMA (image shown) | Flood Partners | City of >> Services >> Maps
  • Never give a Client, Customer, BPO Company, Assistant, etc. an ALL FIELDS DETAIL Sheet. 
    • This report has showing instructions, and agent notes for a REALTORS® eyes only. Listing Detail Report or Client reports can be customized and shared. (These reports do not have agent view notes, showing instructions or syndication remarks.)
  • If you list a property FOR SALE or FOR RENT in the MLS you must offer compensation.
  • Have the talk with your sellers about TERMS OF SALE Cash and Conventional Loan are the most popular options.
    • If you list FHA or VA make sure your sellers understand repairs will have to be done in compliance with the buyers loan.
  • Owner Finance options should have the sellers terms in place, if possible. Terms can be uploaded in associated documents.
  • Don’t copy the description (35) Syndication Remarks. This is the one section in the listing where you can promote yourself!
  • Unequal compensation amount Variable Rate. If the sellers broker makes one cent more than the buyer’s broker, including fees and charges. Say, YES to the variable rate question.
  • List it right the first time, the History Report tracks any and all changes, and you can be fined at a later date.
  • No listing or Expired listing Remove the Sign ASAP. You and your Qualifying Broker can be held liable for misrepresentation.
  • Listing Broker has exclusive rights to post a SOLD SIGN. Unless the brokers have agreed to post both signs in the yard (seller/selling brokers discretion) From listing date to closing date.
    • Signs must not be Misleading
  • Before you add a rider that says “Coming Soon” You will need to have the listing agreement Form #1106 section 4 with a explanation of dates and reason for the delay. 
    • Also, you will need to notify the MLS of the delay to avoid penalty for having a “Coming Soon” sign out and visible on a property and not listed in the MLS.
    • You will not be able to list the property in the MLS until these “coming soon” dates expire.
    • The property is listed the “Coming Soon” dates should be listed in the Agent notes.
  • Look-up the Owner of Record at the County Assessor’s office for the listing.
    • Legal names are needed to write contracts. (talk to listing broker prior to writing a contract if the names on the listing does not match the county records.)If your sellers do not want their name listed in the MLS, the property cannot be listed in the MLS. (Consult with the NM MLS ED for exceptions)
    • All property owner information is public knowledge at the Assessor’s office. There is no reason not to list it in a private database.
    • Curry County Assessor or the Roosevelt County Assessor
  • Be the source of the source Square Footage Should be accurate and the source indicated. The County Assessor has a profile page for every plot of land online.
    • You can ask the County assessor to re assess the property for an updates square footage model or have and appraisal done.
    • There is also an original property folder and drawing you can request by phone.
    • Use the Square footage from the assessor, a Survey, an Appraisal or the property blueprints but never measure it yourself. (to much liability) You can use +/- in ads
    • If you measure the property or structure don’t share that information. If you think the measurements are not correct, have the assessor’s office go out and re-evaluate.
    • Inaccurate measurements can be considered unethical and/or Fraudulent.
  • Curry County the “Lot Square footage” can be found at the bottom of the assessors lookup online. It will say LOT & the first number 0000.00 is the square footage of the lot.
  • Upload the Estimated Tax Certificate to the associated docs for each listing.
    • Curry County: Currently the Curry County online printable property tax estimator is not acceptable for the associated documentation in the listing. Use RANM Form # 3225 and fax to Fax: (575) 763-8097
    • Roosevelt County Roosevelt County Assessor
  • Keep the Showing Instructions up to date.
  • Update the STATUS Under contract, Pending, Sold… ASAP, this is hours not days in 48 HOURS.
  • If it is built as Manufactured Housing It will always be Manufactured Housing 
    • — 4 types of Manufactured Housing listings —
    • Could be subject to: Manufactured Housing license law.
    • Retired titles, permanent foundations, additions etc. do not change this status
  • Listing: check YES in field (136) NM Real Estate Licensee BROKER/OWNER You can also use syndication remarks & don’t forget the sign rider
    • NO NAMES OR PHONE NUMBERS IN THE LISTING DESCRIPTION and contact for compliance details
  • Join in, comment and ask questions On our Weekly Post The CPAR Member only facebook group will have lots of information on events, tours, and committees. The MLS Compliance Committee plans to post some “hot topics”

To report a compliance issue:

Use the RED correction button in Paragon

Contact anyone on the MLS Compliance Committee at

or call the CPAR office 575-762-4608 , email CPAR at

Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice.  Updated: 5-5-2018