CPAR is one of the only Associations who’s members own their own building. In 1997 the building was dedicated to our then EO Tillie Shaw.

In 2017 renovations started inside and out but before that, there was a vote. A decision was to be made regarding the location of CPAR and the direction our association would follow. The question was: Do we keep the building and renovate or sell our location and rent an office space.

A formal meeting was held prior to the vote. It was interesting to learn a little history about the building along the way. Before the computer age there were pen and thermafax paper, carbon pages to make copies and revenue stamps. The introduction of calculators, typewriters and copy machines made it possible for the board to create and share listing booklets. The listings would be dropped off at the drive through, added to the next booklet and then delivered to each office.

Eventually office binders where created to change out listings by page, streamlining the process and laying the groundwork for our current MLS database systems.

TILLIE SHAW, CBOR/CPAR ** EO, 1973 – 2016 **

About Tillie: At the age of one her family moved to a farm near Floyd, New Mexico. She attended school in Floyd, graduating from Floyd High School and moved to Clovis to work for the Farmers Coop as their bookkeeper and Assistant General Manager. She married Harold Shaw on October 2, 1954, in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. They lived in Albuquerque until his death in 1962. Tillie returned to Clovis to work for the Curry County Treasurer. She later was elected as the first woman County Treasurer in 1964 serving eight of twelve terms as Treasurer and four terms as Chief Deputy Treasurer.

She later worked for the Clovis Board of Realtors as Chief Executive Officer, retiring in 1997. However retirement didn’t last long. She returned in 2001 to work part time but found she was working more than that. Tillie has been called a champion, a cheerleader and a dedicated worker by her friends and associates. These characteristics lead to several accomplishments and outstanding events with the Board of Realtors including establishing the Spirit of America Award and sponsorship of the Casa Esperanza fund (cancer house of hope in Albuquerque). Tillie was made an honorary board member of Casa Esperanza. In her spare time she enjoyed making rum cakes and peanut brittle that were shared with friends and associates throughout the state. Tillie was also a member of Professional Business Women’s Association.

In memory of Tillie Shaw the 2018 Casa Esperanza Golf Tournament was dedicated in her honor and a brick has been donated in her name.

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 Tillie Shaw

Clovis, New Mexico

Mar 4, 1917 – Jan 18, 2017 (Age 99)

Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice.  Updated: 5-5-2018

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