Tour #CPAR2018

Wedensday mornings at 8:00am is a time for members to get together, talk about real estate, make a few announcements and at times get some feedback. Then we pack up and travel around town to see some of the local MLS listing.

This morning being the last meeting of 2018 we talked about the banquet and how much fun we had, the special Racino meeting in Albuquerque Friday and enjoyed donuts from Curry County Title. There were no homes on tour so we decided to take selfies before we ajourned.

Melissa Widner, Jay Neff, Tammy Waters
Bretton Johnson, Bonnie Wright, Dawn Armstrong, Tammy Waters, Melissa Widner
Michael Neff, Melissa Widner, Bonnie Wright, Jay Neff, Dawn Armstrong, Tammy Waters, Jennifer McPherson

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